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Bird drinkers

One of the practical and eye-catching elements in the garden are bird drinkers. They help birds to survive especially in hot weather, and are also an attractive garden decoration. By deciding on a bird drinker in our garden or on the terrace, we introduce a pleasant atmosphere, and above all, we do a good deed for our smaller brothers. The choice of drinkers is very large and thanks to this, we can find an ornament that will match every garden, terrace or park.

Why bird watering in the garden?

The main task of a bird water bottle is, of course, to provide water to flying visitors. Increasingly warmer and drier summers make birds a huge problem in hot weather. They are certainly not helped by the increasingly denser residential buildings and the felling of trees in which they could find shelter in the shade. That is why it is so important to help them as much as possible. And placing the drinker in our garden or on the terrace does not require much effort from us. Such a practical decoration does not take up much space and can save the birds' lives. At the same time, we can observe the arriving guests and enjoy the closeness of nature. Such observation of the animals provides an aesthetic experience and is another advantage of the bird drinker.

Garden bird drinkers - types

We can prepare the bird drinker by ourselves or simply display a bowl of water. However, if we want a durable and decorative element in the garden, it is worth reaching for ready-made bird drinkers for the garden. They are available in various sizes, shapes and forms, so it will be easy to match the drinker to the garden decor. A concrete bird drinker will certainly be the most durable solution that will last for many years in our garden. Concrete drinkers are resistant to weather conditions, they cope with water perfectly, they do not crack or crumble due to moisture. Such concrete bird drinkers have one more important advantage - they have a neutral color that will not scare the birds away.

Which bird drinkers for the garden should you choose?

The selection of a drinker for the garden depends entirely on our preferences and the spatial possibilities of the garden. We can bet on small drinkers that will soothe the thirst of flying guests. We can also choose larger drinkers for birds, where feathered animals will be able to cool down and take a nap. Concrete drinkers often refer to nature and have animal motifs, such as frogs and birds. If we like a more classic garden, we can easily find bird drinkers on an elegant column. The drinkers can be almost flat - like a bowl - or they can be placed on a platform and on the aforementioned column. Our offer includes low, simple, bowl-shaped, hand-shaped, leaf-shaped and tall drinkers with a cherub figure or on a pedestal. The choice of the drinker type depends on the place where you intend to place the drinker. And of course, the style that suits us best.