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Concrete Garden Fountains

One of the biggest garden attractions are certainly garden fountains. The pleasant sound of water will soothe your mind and cool you down in hot weather. Modern garden fountains definitely change the garden decor and catch the eye. Depending on the type of fountain we choose, we can achieve interesting arrangement effects. Fountains are not difficult to maintain, it is enough to regularly clean the filter and pump and top up the water level.

Concrete garden fountains

When choosing a water decoration for a garden, we must take into account several factors. First of all, it is important what the fountain was made of. With a clear conscience, we can say that concrete garden fountains are the best choice. They are extremely durable, strong and resistant to weather conditions. They cope especially with moisture and the constant presence of water does not cause any damage, cracks or chipping. The solid concrete fountains are also harmless to the sun's rays and fluctuating temperatures. In addition, concrete fountains are made with attention to every detail and look elegant.

Another important factor that makes it easier to decide which fountain to choose is our taste and preferences. If we like to surround ourselves with nature motives and be close to nature, we can reach for fountains for the garden in the shape of animals. When we want an elegant aura in the garden, fountains referring to mythological characters await us. We can also put on modern column or ball garden fountains. Simple design will make it easier to blend in with the garden and at the same time give it an interesting character.

Garden fountains - types

There are two basic types of fountains - European fountains and Arabian fountains. As you can easily guess, the names refer to the regions of the world where a given type of fountains was born and gained popularity. European garden fountains characterized by the fact that the water first gushes in them over the entire structure and then flows back in, giving the water a slightly turbulent surface. Such fountains are technically known as closed-circuit fountains. They are by far the most popular fountains in Europe.

The second type of fountains are the so-called Arabian fountains, i.e. those in which the water does not rise up, but flows downwards, coming out of the holes. Such fountains are a bit less common these days, more often this type is found with small fountains.

Small garden fountains

Even a small garden can be fitted with a fountain that will blend in perfectly with the green area of ​​your home. Our offer includes even very small fountains with an interesting design. Such small-sized water decorations will look very attractive even in a small space, and at the same time will not overwhelm you. They will also work well on the terrace and balcony. It is also easier to integrate such a small fountain into a whole and match it with other decorations and garden figures. Animal-shaped fountains, such as small frogs, perfect for a pond, are a very popular and graceful motif. Modern fountains, small balls, are a simple and at the same time interesting solution. Such decorations with flowing water will suit any place.

Closed-circuit fountains

The aforementioned type of European fountain, i.e. a closed circuit fountain, apart from its unquestionably attractive appearance, has one more advantage. The closed water circuit significantly reduces water consumption as the pump uses the same water that is already stored in the water tank. Such closed-circuit garden fountains - due to the constant movement of water - significantly reduce the process of greening and water pollution. Installing such a fountain in the garden also allows you to save on the water bill and does not waste water, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Large garden fountains

Small garden fountains are an option for a smaller garden or terrace, while on a large area we can try large garden fountains. Such large fountains often take the form of a monumental sculpture or decorative column. An ancient and classic theme is a willingly chosen motif of large fountains. Such fountains create a calming and elegant atmosphere in the garden, which is conducive to relaxation in the fresh air.

Cascading garden fountains

Cascading fountains, in turn, come in different sizes and are characterized by the fact that the water flows down from the top and forms a cascade. Hence the name of this type of garden fountain. It is worth emphasizing that such cascading garden fountains introduce dynamics and blend in perfectly with nature.