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Concrete Vases and Pots

What would a garden or terrace be without flowers? And for proper growth, you need vases and garden pots, of course. Carefully selected concrete pots will not only create a suitable environment for plants, but will also be a beautiful garden decoration. The choice of pots and vases is so great that everyone will find decorations perfect for themselves and their green corner.

Concrete pots, vases and lawns - what to choose?

Depending on the size of the garden, balcony or terrace, we can choose a pot or vase that will blend in with the surroundings, will please the eyes, and at the same time will fulfill its role as a house for flowers and shrubs. Currently, the most popular are concrete pots, which come in various sizes - from the smallest to quite large garden pots that can accommodate shrubs and large trees.

If we prefer slender and taller garden decorations, they remain at our disposal garden vases. They will also work well on balconies and terraces where we have limited space. The vases take up much less space due to their longitudinal structure.

In turn, concrete lawn are empty inside, just add soil and plant the plants. Such lawn plants are perfect for rockeries and, above all, in city squares and parks. They prevent the growth of weeds, making the maintenance of the desired vegetation much easier and requires less work.

Concrete garden pots - types

As we have already mentioned - pots for the garden are the most often chosen. And no wonder, because they are the most universal and offer a lot of arrangement possibilities. They come in various forms, shapes and sizes, which is why you can find a pot for every garden and terrace.

Small garden pots

Small concrete pots will certainly be suitable for a smaller garden or terrace. They will not take up much space, will not overwhelm you and will not optically reduce the surface area, and will allow you to enjoy the proximity of flowers. Such smaller pots are also the perfect solution for smaller flowers such as bells or pansies. In a too large pot, the flowers could die visually, and so they will be properly displayed. Such a pot will also be a beautiful decoration for your garden and balcony.

Large garden pots

If we have a large garden, and we dream of quite a lot of vegetation, we better put on large garden pots. Even shrubs or the recently popular citrus trees can fit in them. Our concrete pots - despite the large size and material used - are light and can be easily moved to any place in the garden. It will also be useful when we need to winter the plant at home and take it from the garden. Large pots often take the form of a sculpture or garden figure. There are so many leitmotifs that everyone will find a pot with a shape and design matching their preferences.

Why concrete pots?

Our concrete pots and vases are made of the highest quality white cement, which makes them especially durable. They are resistant to weather conditions such as strong sun and UV rays, changing temperatures and rainfall. Cement vases and pots perfectly retain moisture, which promotes the development of plants. At the same time, the pots are impregnated and prevent the appearance of fungi, mold and bacteria. This is of great importance for the flowers and shrubs growing in the pot.

Concrete pots as garden decorations

Due to such a large variety of pots, you can boldly use them as original garden decorations. Concrete pots come in various forms, including classic oval pots with interesting ornaments, human sculptures or animal pots in the shape of a cat or a donkey. Pots such as a trough or a trunk for flowers are also a very interesting arrangement idea. The choice is so great that we are only limited by our ingenuity.